Voice of the Market


The internet… Analyst reports… Industry press… Internal staff… on and on. There is so much information out there, but how do you separate what’s useful from what’s useless? At Topline Strategy our experience shows that the best information source is having a direct dialog with the ‘Market.’

Our Voice of the Market strategic feedback programs are designed to provide you with unbiased, fact based information. We cut through the noise and gather information directly from market participants including your customers, the sales channel (win/loss analyses), your competitors’ clients and your channel partners.

Our proprietary methodology delivers the primary insights you need to make critical business decisions, be they about growth, customer loyalty or competitive differentiation.

Finally, we know your situation is unique.  We leverage our 15 years of experience in multiple sectors of the technology industry and with a broad variety of audiences to gain a deep understanding of your specific situation.  Moreover, at Topline Strategy we customize each of our programs to meet your specific requirements and objectives.

Our Voice of the Market Programs:








Voice of the Customer  

Obtain unbiased feedback from your customers to provide critical inputs to your growth plans. Only customers can truly tell you what they like or dislike about your products and services and where to go next. more

Voice of the Sales Chain

Gain a deep understanding of the market and of the competitive dynamics by leveraging our proprietary Sales Chain Analysis methodology. more

Voice of Competitors’ Customers TM  

Determine the competitive threat through the only source that matters – their customers. more

Voice of Channel Partners

Leverage the unique insights your Partners have about your company and your products and to determine how to best leverage your channles.   more


Voice of the Market
Comprehensive view of what the Market is really telling you.