old Voice of the Competitor’s Customers

It is very difficult to cut through the hype to figure out how well competitors’ really serve their customers:

  • Competitors’ web content paints rosy pictures
  • Reference accounts are by definition success stories
  • Press and analysts are not actual users – they report on what they see but not what customers need

What you really want to get from an analysis of competitors is the following:

  • How do customers ACTUALLY MAKE DECISIONS about which products to purchase?
  • What features and services do CUSTOMERS REALLY CARE about?
  • How do YOU STACK UP against the competition?

In Topline’s experience, the answers to these questions only come from one place – talking to competitors’ customers.

Topline’s Voice of the Competitor’s Customer Methodology

Our unique approach assesses your competitors’ market traction by leveraging the only data source that matters—their customers. Topline’s approach leverages a wide range of resources to identify and personally interview competitors’ customers. We use three different methods to identify interviewees:

  • Online and Social Media: Via case studies, videos, blog posts, discussion forums and other online and social media, your competitors are talking about their customers and their customers are talking about their experiences. We mine these sources using a variety of tools and methods to develop a list of interview candidates
  • Survey Respondents: Surveys can be used to identify competitors’ customers, who can then be solicited to participate in a phone interview
  • Closed Deals/Losses: These provide insight into key decision criteria and where competitors have advantages

Combining the competitors’ customer feedback with market research and industry expertise enables Topline to deliver a detailed assessment of why customers are choosing the competition and for what use cases. It also provides critical information to:

  • Sales: how to de-position competitors
  • Product: what features to build to gain competitive advantage
  • Marketing: what messages to use that will resonate with customers.