StrategicCX Overview


Topline’s Strategic Customer Experience (StrategicCX) consists of a comprehensive set of programs designed to provide an ongoing stream of customer, competitive and market intelligence to your business.

StrategicCX differentiates from the standard Customer Experience model because the focus is on elevating the discussion beyond just operational performance data to also address your strategic alignment with fast-changing technology markets.

It provides the actionable recommendations you need to stay ahead of competitors, win more deals, and keep your customers loyal as the market and competition continuously evolve.


StrategicCX – Providing an ongoing stream of market intelligence


StrategicCX Programs:

StategicCX programs are customized to meet your information requirements.  Whether you want the complete StrategicCX Suite that consists of all three programs, or just one or two programs for focused market intelligence, we will work with you to meet your companies specific needs.

Voice of the Customer – Strategic NPS >

Our Voice of the Customer program obtains unbiased feedback from your customers to provide critical inputs to your growth plans.  Only your customers can truly tell you what they like or dislike about your products and services and where to go next.

Sales Win/Loss Analyses >

Our Sales Win/Loss Analyses program provides a deep understanding of the market and of the competitive dynamics by leveraging our proprietary Sales Chain Analysis methodology.  We will speak with firms including your Leads, One Meetings, No Decisions, as well as your Wins and Losses.

Voice of Your Competitors’ Customers >

Our Voice of Your Competitors’ Customers program leverages our proprietary methodology to acquire broad insight into how your company stacks up against competitors on the dimension that matters most – what their customers truly value.

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