Market Strategy Consulting Overview

Topline’s Market Strategy practice delivers actionable recommendations that are driven by deep insights into the market and competitors.  We drive companies’ strategies regarding growth strategy, new products/market entry, segment focus, and go-to-market.

Topline Strategy’s engagements are centered on gathering primary data via surveys and interviews of our clients’ customers, potential customers, and competitors’ customers. It is the insights from our primary research about customers, competitors, and the market that form the foundation of our conclusions and recommendations.

Growth Strategy

You have aggressive goals – doubling or tripling your sales over the next few years or more. Where is that growth going to come from?

Our Growth Strategy engagements provide actionable recommendations that are driven by deep insights into the market and competitors.

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Go-To-Market Strategy

Getting market traction for new technology products is hard. Often, it can take a year or longer after launch to really figure out how to sell a new product or sell an existing product into a new market. Topline Strategy’s Go-To-Market engagements shorten the learning process and accelerate Time to Revenue by providing insights into which segments to enter, how to position your offering, and which competitors to go after.

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Sales Chain Acceleration

Are you seeing most of the deals out there? Are you closing enough deals to meet your growth targets? Are you closing them fast enough? If not, you may want to take an outside-in look at your sales funnel…

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Voice of your Competitors’ Customers

Only by speaking with their customers can you cut through the hype and learn what competitors really have and what steps you need to take to beat them. Our experience has proven that this first-hand information is critical to understanding what competitors actually deliver and why customers buy them.

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